Search Help

There are several tips to improve your website search results:

  • More Options: Please expand additional filters such as functional area or entry level via "more options" in the search area
  • Quotations: Two or more keywords wrapped in quotation  marks are treated as a single term, e.g. "Project Manager"
  • Operators: A search using operators such as AND/NOT/OR (in full caps) will refine the search, e.g. project AND manager (will only return jobs where both keywords are found) or project NOT manager (will only return keywords where project is found but manager is not found)
  • Wildcard characters: the * asterisk character can be used as a wildcard when searching for terms where any number of characters are not known, e.g. Production* will also find a job called Productionworker


Please note that there are also stop words which are excluded when used in a search string. This is designed to increase accuracy by removing small words such as 'the', 'as' or 'it'. Due to this the keyword IT (standing for information technology) cannot be used as a search term. Instead you are able to search for the keyword dept:IT or you may filter for IT via 'more options'.